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Re: [Xen-users] Xen questions (Be kind)

On 27/02/2012 04:31 PM, Grant McWilliams wrote:
On Mon, Feb 27, 2012 at 6:53 AM, <mywildimagination@xxxxxxxxx
<mailto:mywildimagination@xxxxxxxxx>> wrote:

    HI, I'm new here and very new to Xen so please be kind.

    I have inherited a CentOS dedicated server with xen, basically
    running 1 vps and I am trying to optimise it as it seems to me that
    the 1 VPS is not using anywhere near what is available.

    When I look at TOP command on the host machine the load average is
    very good 0.31, 0.25, 0.16 but when I login to the VPS and look at
    TOP the load average is : 8.49, 7.61, 8.21.

    This is the xen list of vps's

    Name                                      ID Mem(MiB) VCPUs State
    Domain-0                                   0      405     2 r-----
    saturn                                     1     7599     2 r-----

    As you can see there is only two vps's the Domain-0 (which as I
    gather is meant to be there and uses very little resources) and our
    main VPS..

    I want Saturn to basically utilise as much resource as it can.

    here is xm top in case that makes a difference.

    xentop - 14:44:31   Xen 3.1.2-194.17.1.el5
    2 domains: 2 running, 0 blocked, 0 paused, 0 crashed, 0 dying, 0
    Mem: 8386888k total, 8386172k used, 716k free    CPUs: 2 @ 2333MHz
          NAME  STATE   CPU(sec) CPU(%)     MEM(k) MEM(%)  MAXMEM(k)
      Domain-0 -----r     778921    1.2     414752    4.9   no limit n/a
        4 1229451696 1245919559    0        0        0        0    0
          saturn -----r   20163400   99.5    7782260   92.8    7782400
      92.8     2
        1 3462118258 900859990    3   406372 1428634114 2900835964    0

    Thanks for your help in advance.


Ben, your DomU (saturn) will only use what it needs. Dom0 is your "host
OS" in a sense. It's the one you log into to run xm commands. If you
want to see the DomU use more you'll need to give it more things to do.
  If it's only using 8% then it probably only needs 8%.

Thanks Grant, I obviously don't want to see it do more if it cant, I want to know if it is doing too much or if I can give it more resources to allow it to do more if it needs too, if you look at the CPU usage in the xm top list you will see that saturn is using 99.5% of it's available CPU but this is not reflected anywhere near that in the CPU usage of the host OS.
Am I missing something?

This is also reflected in the load averages, I am a linux newbie also but I believe anything above 1 (when yo take the load number and divide it by the number of CPUs and Cores) means it is overloaded. What I am trying to understand is if my VPS is about to come to a halt any time with an overload or should I be only concerned about the host machines load?



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