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[Xen-users] MacBookPro 6,2 Xen support


I am trying to run Qubes (a Xen based desktop OS) on my MacBookPro. Qubes currently use Fedora13 for Dom0 and Fedora15 for domUs.
I am new to Xen/Qubes but have experience as Linux user.

I am having problems getting a number of devices to operate correctly. I am focussing first on the integrated NIC.

This post is following some exchanges with the Qubes community on this thread:

This is the point at which we need your help :-)

In the dom0 dmesg I have the following messages:
>> pciback 0000:02:00.0: Driver tried to write to a read-only
>> configuration space field at offset 0x68, size 4. This may be
>> harmless, but if you have problems with your device:
>> 1) see permissive attribute in sysfs
>> 2) report problems to the xen-devel mailing list along with details of
>> your device obtained from lspci.

I found a way to report the quirks for the devices (which AFAIK set the permission for the domU drivers to read or write)... > Doing the cat on /sys/bus/pci/drivers/pciback/quirks returns about 30 lines:
> 02:00.0
>   14e4:1684:14e4:1684
>     00000000:2:00000000
>     00000002:2:00000000
>     00000004:2:00000000
>     0000003c:1:00000000
>     .../...
>     0000004f:1:00000000

I found some threads on how to play with this when using xend but Qubes is not using xend to create the domU but libxl.

Would you be able to help me in identifying how I would set the device in permissive mode via libxl so I can validate that it is a device driver access right issue to start with.

It would also help me a lot to find info on how to set sysfs/quirks via libxl too so I can identify the exact memory/channel? which probably needs read/write.


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