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[Xen-users] Bug or cofiguration error?


We are students of Computer Science and we are doing some
experiments with XCP, we have a server with 2 xeon processors each
one containing 4 physical cores with HT, but the XCP recognizes 16
cores (8 physical + 8 virtual) but uses only 4 (cpu 0,1,2 and 3).
 When accessing  "/ proc / cpuinfo" are listed only 4 cores, but
"/ sys / devices / system / cpu" lists 16 cores but the cpu file
"online" for 4 to 15 cpu's is set to "0".

echo 1> / sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu4/online
echo 1> / sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu15/online

all cores become activated.
But when the server is restarted only cpus 0,1,2,3 are active.

Is this a bug or a config error?


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