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Re: [Xen-users] Directly connecting two domU

Libor wrote:

I have following problem which I wasn't able to solve:
I have two domU, let's call them domU1 and domU2, and I need to set up two networks:
- one bridge for domU1 which will connect it to real Ethernet (done)
- some private network only between domU1 and domU2.
Is it possible?

In VMware it's very easy to do so by creating multiple virtual Ethernet cards and setting up the network in the standard matter

Yup, that's just how you do it with Xen.
Just create another bridge in the host (using the hosts native tools), and add a second virtual NIC to each guest.
So you'd use :
    vif  = [ 'bridge=br0', 'bridge=br1' ]
in your guest config - substituting whatever names you used for your bridges.

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