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Re: [Xen-users] extracting DomID from the xentrace log

yes , I want to log the IO Read writes , and the network usage too, but the problem that I am facing is that xentop doesnt report any network traffic for the domUs, nor does xenmon report any IO count in its output, (if it helps, my setup is Dom0 : f16 , DomU's : ubuntu 11.10)

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Hi Prateek,


Do you mean you want to see the IO R+W for each domU?


This information is available through xentop there is also a perl script floating about called xenstat.pl which will give you this.


Or in a shell you could do:


while [[ 1 ]]; do ((lvdisplay|awk '/LV Name/{n=$3} /Block device/{d=$3; sub(".*:","dm-",d); print d,n;}') && (iostat -m)) | sort | uniq | sort | grep '^dm-' | while read hdd; do key=$(echo "$hdd" | egrep -o 'dm-[0-9]+'); if [[ "$key" == "$key2" ]]; then echo "$(date '+%F %T') - $hdd,$hdd2"; fi; hdd2=$hdd; key2=$(echo "$hdd" | egrep -o 'dm-[0-9]+'); done; sleep 10; done



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I want to extract domId(s) for the event like IO_READ / WRITE , (currently I am able to see domIds only for Scheduler Trace)
how can I achieve the same ?

Thanks in advance.
Prateek Khandelwal

Prateek Khandelwal
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