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[Xen-users] Unknown tapdisk type: tapdisk


I would like to start my vm with the forddtest1.hvm, in which my disk line is
        disk = [ 'tap2:tapdisk:qcow2:/home/vm/hvm/forddtest1.qcow2,xvda,w']
However,both the xl and xm commands could not use the file "forddtest1.hvm" to start a vm successfully.The following is my specific situation.

[root@localhost hvm]# xm create forddtest1.hvm
Using config file "./forddtest1.hvm".
Error: ('create', '-aqcow2:/home/vm/hvm/forddtest1.qcow2') failed (55808 blktap kernel module not installed )
[root@localhost hvm]# xl create forddtest1.hvm
Parsing config file forddtest1.hvm
Unknown tapdisk type: tapdisk

If I configure the vm's disk like this:
       disk = [ 'tap2:qcow2:/home/vm/hvm/forddtest1.qcow2,xvda,w']
everthing will be OK.

What's wrong with it?Who could help me solve this problem?

A Newbie

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