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[Xen-users] PV DomU stopped responding, won't boot, stuck in paused state

Yesterday, I had a PV OpenSolaris DomU stop responding.  I looked on my xen 
machine and it was in a paused state.  I ended up destroying it and then doing 
xm create to bring it back up.

It won't boot, and I think PyGrub is hanging.  Not sure how to resolve this, 
there aren't any errors being presented in xen/xm itself.  If I try 'xm create 
config.conf' it just  says "using config file blah.conf<newline>" and nothing 
else. Never fails, never boots.  If I drop out "ctrl-c" and look, it is paused 
with 0 run time.

A few weeks ago I upgraded from Debian 5.0 to 6.0.  My Xen install was 
refreshed with some updated packages, but I was already running 4.0.1 on Debian 
5.0.  But after the upgrade, everything was working fine.  No changes to this 
machine since, just noticed it had stopped responding last night, but that DomU 
was running earlier in the day.

Hopefully someone can help me figure out what's wrong, I'm guessing it has to 
do with pygrub since it won't even begin the boot process.  That still doesn't 
explain why it stopped responding unless there was some other failure that 
caused a reboot, but this machine has normally run without incident for almost 
3 years.  It *is* and old version of OpenSolaris.

Here is some info on the Dom0 and DomU.

Debian 6.0 (squeeze)
Xen 4.0.1
My pygrub is named /usr/bin/pygrub-4.1b, I know I had to hack around with this 
in the past to get ZFS support.

When I run pygrub-4.1b domu.img, I get an error now:
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/usr/bin/pygrub-4.1b", line 20, in <module>
    import xen.lowlevel.xc
ImportError: No module named xen.lowlevel.xc

If I try the provided PyGrub from debian, I get:
farnsworth:/vm/leela# xm create leela.conf 
Using config file "./leela.conf".
Error: Boot loader didn't return any data!

But the provided pygrub does pull up the grub menu with 'pygrub leela.img'.

I pass through some physical drives to a zpool array, this machine is a storage 
server and handles SMB/CIFS.

    (domid 7)
    (cpu_weight 256)
    (cpu_cap 0)
    (on_crash restart)
    (uuid blah)
    (bootloader_args -q)
    (vcpus 1)
    (name leela)
    (on_poweroff destroy)
    (on_reboot restart)
    (cpus (()))
    (description )
    (bootloader /usr/bin/pygrub-4.1b)
    (maxmem 1024)
    (memory 1024)
    (shadow_memory 0)
    (features )
    (on_xend_start ignore)
    (on_xend_stop ignore)
    (cpu_time 0.0)
    (online_vcpus 0)
            (kernel )
            (superpages 0)
            (tsc_mode 0)
            (videoram 4)
            (pci ())
            (nomigrate 0)
    (status 1)
    (state --p---)
            (bridge eth0)
            (mac blah)
            (uuid blah)
            (uuid blah)
            (bootable 1)
            (driver paravirtualised)
            (dev xvda)
            (uname file:/vm/leela/leela.img)
            (mode w)
            (uuid blah)
            (bootable 0)
            (driver paravirtualised)
            (dev xvdb)
            (uname phy:/dev/disk/by-id/scsi-SATA_SAMSUNG_blah)
            (mode w)
            (uuid blah)
            (bootable 0)
            (driver paravirtualised)
            (dev xvdc)
            (uname phy:/dev/disk/by-id/scsi-SATA_SAMSUNG_blah)
            (mode w)
            (uuid blah)
            (bootable 0)
            (driver paravirtualised)
            (dev xvdd)
            (uname phy:/dev/disk/by-id/scsi-SATA_SAMSUNG_blah)
            (mode w)

xend.log tail:
[2012-03-07 15:38:45 1918] DEBUG (XendDomainInfo:101) 
XendDomainInfo.create(['vm', ['name', 'leela'], ['memory', 1024], 
['on_xend_start', 'ignore'], ['on_xend_stop', 'ignore'], ['vcpus', 1], ['oos', 
1], ['bootloader', '/usr/bin/pygrub-4.1b'], ['bootloader_args', '-q'], 
['image', ['linux', ['videoram', 4], ['tsc_mode', 0], ['nomigrate', 0]]], 
['s3_integrity', 1], ['device', ['vbd', ['uname', 'file:/vm/leela/leela.img'], 
['dev', 'xvda'], ['mode', 'w']]], ['device', ['vbd', ['uname', 
'phy:/dev/disk/by-id/scsi-SATA_SAMSUNG_blah'], ['dev', 'xvdb'], ['mode', 
'w']]], ['device', ['vbd', ['uname', 
'phy:/dev/disk/by-id/scsi-SATA_SAMSUNG_blah'], ['dev', 'xvdc'], ['mode', 
'w']]], ['device', ['vbd', ['uname', 
'phy:/dev/disk/by-id/scsi-SATA_SAMSUNG_blah'], ['dev', 'xvdd'], ['mode', 
'w']]], ['device', ['vif', ['bridge', 'eth0'], ['mac', 'blah']]]])
[2012-03-07 15:38:45 1918] DEBUG (XendDomainInfo:2508) 
[2012-03-07 15:38:45 1918] DEBUG (balloon:220) Balloon: 535512 KiB free; need 
16384; done.
[2012-03-07 15:38:45 1918] DEBUG (XendDomain:464) Adding Domain: 7
[2012-03-07 15:38:45 1918] DEBUG (XendDomainInfo:2818) 
XendDomainInfo.initDomain: 7 256
[2012-03-07 15:38:45 5169] DEBUG (XendBootloader:113) Launching bootloader as 
['/usr/bin/pygrub-4.1b', '--output=/var/run/xend/boot/xenbl.20421', '-q', 

Mike Brancato

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