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Re: [Xen-users] Backup domU image at runtime

Here what we have ben doing here for a few years.

We have about 20 VMs on several physical servers.
Some of those VMs have a heavy traffic with large disks (>100Gb) ("big machines"), while other machines ("little machines") only provide important - but not too much sollicited - services with little system disks (10Gb).

For the former we installed locally a client backup software on the VM, but for the "little machines" we snapshot through lvm, mount the snapshot, then the backup software running on the phyical server saves the snapshot.

If the traffic is heavy you'll have a lot of opened files and the snapshot may be difficult, if not impossible, to mount (a fsck of the snapshot may help), so this solution may not be used (but as we get an error message from the backup software, we know it's time to switch to a local backup solution).

If the machine is just quiet, this solution may be used without any problem, and this avoids paying for too many software license (our backup solution is not free).

So to summarize, saving through a backup software running on the VM is the best solution, but saving through an lvm snapshot can help.

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