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[Xen-users] [XCP] Clone XCP installation, force UUID de-duplication

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  • From: Alexandre Kouznetsov <alk@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 09 Mar 2012 13:41:09 -0600
  • Delivery-date: Fri, 09 Mar 2012 19:42:47 +0000
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I am installing a number of XCP instances on several hosts, that have identical hardware configuration and intended usage. May call them host nodes within a cluster. This is about massive deploy of XCP on physical hosts.

To give more details, the nodes ideally should be diskless, but I am trying to board one thing at time, so right now they boot from a PXE/TFTP server and mount rootfs from a USB flash drive. The need for network boot is because my nodes have buggy BIOS and can't pick up the boot loader directly from USB. I may describe deeper this setup's issues, if relevant.

The initial installation of XCP node was made on a VirtualBox instance, then cloned to USB flash at filesystem level (tarball, then extract it to the flash drive, equivalent to a "cp -a"). The XCP instance boots fine, seems to be quite consistent and ready to work.

The problem I face is the UUID de-duplication, when making more clones of this installation. It seems XCP assigns a unique UUID to everything. When I simply clone the installation, different hosts will get duplicated UUIDs for filesystems, swap, host-uuid, etc. That scares the control panel I'm trying to use (CloudStack, in this moment), and generally breake the whole concept of UUID.

I already messed with udev rules (at least MAC address has changed) and "xe pif-forget"/"xe pif-introduce" to make peace between XCP an the new network card, shortly after moving the installation from a VirtualBox instance to a USB flash drive on a physical host at the first time. I can share the procedure, if relevant. But it seems that there are much more UUIDs around that must be de-duplicated. I am wondering, if there is a way to force the system to re-regenrate them on each copy I make of the XCP FS, in the same way it does while installing it form CD.

The "dump" solution would be to install XCP from CD on each host, which I'm trying to avoid. I would like to be able to untar my master setup, chroot to it (or boot it on the host for the first time), manually run some commands (or a previously written script), and have a unique installation of XCP on a given host system. Once i archive this goal manually, it might be automated.

My tests involves XCP 1.1 and 1.5. The problem is the same with both of them. Finally, I can use whichever of them, 1.5 would be preferable.

My goal in this step is to re-generate every one for the UUID's used by a XCP installation, without too much pain.

Alexandre Kouznetsov

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