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[Xen-users] "Hard" hangs on several Intel(-chipset) boards


I'm deploying a vanilla Xen 4.1.2 installation at a hosting provider, and I'm experiencing hard hangs (i.e., the system is unresponsive to keystrokes, network is off, I/O to disk is stopped) on several of their available server packages, all based on Intel i7 CPUs and related chipsets.

The failure does not seem related to a specific Xen-version (I've experienced the same hangs with all [vanilla] Xens from 4.0.1 to 4.1.2), not related to the kernel (I've experienced the same hangs with a Xen-ified 2.6.38 from SuSE, and several vanilla 3.2-kernels with pv_ops), and not to the actual hardware in use (I've seen the same kind of hangs on an MSI X58 Pro-E [with an i7-950] and after swapping hardware also on an ASUS P8H67-M PRO [with an i7-2600]). The additional hardware specs (RAM type, Disks) are also different between several test systems (i.e., I've had access to systems with Samsung, Kingston, and F3-RAM).

As I've not been able to get a serial cable attached for in-depth debugging of Xen problems on the hangs (the hosting-provider is not very cooperative), is there anything else I can do to debug these hangs? Or, has anybody else experienced the same hangs?

Thanks for any hint!

--- Heiko.

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