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Re: [Xen-users] how to use tmem function with xl command

Il giorno 13/mar/2012, alle ore 04:17, hxkhust ha scritto:
> Thank you for your instruction.By the way , the features 
> "tmem-list,tmem-freeze,tmem-destroy,tmem-thaw,tmem-set,tmem-shared-auth,tmem-freeable"
>   can be inquired by "xl -v".Is there some document about their usage?
I actually found your first post googling around for some informations on tmem, 
but my interest is in understing its metrics (ie, the tmem-list output) and 
I'll post a message about that on this list later today or in the next days 
after doing some more research.

So while I didn't bother looking at the various operations you can manually do 
on tmem (freeze, destroy, and so on) I remember I found some paper about the 
initial implementation of tmem that talks about those operations. I don't have 
an url handy but should be easy to find with some searches.

Luca Lesinigo
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