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[Xen-users] err0rs while attaching devices to dom0

Hi All,

I want to create a domU file system by copying necessary stuff from Dom0.
However, I encountered an error. I first create a block device for DomU: " # mknod /dev/xvda1 b 202 0"
Then I want to temporarily attach this device to dom0 in order to copy the file system of dom0, so I used
a command "# xm block-attach 0 duncan.img /dev/xvda1 w 0".
However, I got an error information :  Error: Block device must have physical details specified
                                               Usage: xm block-attach <Domain> <BackDev> <FrontDev> <Mode> [BackDomain]

Anyone has any clue on that?

Thanks in advance,

Su Zhang
Ph.D Candidate
Computing and Information Sciences
Kansas State University
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