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Re: [Xen-users] [Xen-devel] Installation Instructions for Xen 4.1.3-rc1-pre and Linux Kernel 3.3.0-rc7 on Ubuntu 11.10 Release

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>> >> What is wrong with using the distro installation? Like yum install xen or apt-get install den?
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>> >
>> > There are some people who prefer to install Xen and the *very latest and bleeding edge* Linux kernel by building/compiling from sources.
>> If that is your cup of tea. You can get an account on the wiki yourself and put the instructions there - but please don't put in as a PDF. Make it text so it is search able. Or better yet - post it here as a patch against the doc directory so we can provide feedback.
>> Though I would say if you are interested in improving the docs you might want to focus on the Xen doc day and help fix the Wiki content and the existing docs.
> Dear Konrad,
> How can I create an account on the xensource.com wiki? Are there any instructions? Could you create an account on the Xen Wiki for me?
Right top link on http://wiki.xen.org/wiki/Main_Page

Preferably modify the PVOPS Linux Wiki page which has a section about compiling the upstream kernel.

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