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Re: [Xen-users] [Xen-devel] Cannot Start Linux Paravirtualized (PV) Guests with Xen 4.2-unstable

On Mon, 2012-03-19 at 10:09 +0000, Teo En Ming (Zhang Enming) wrote:
> I have found a bug with xl in Xen 4.2-unstable changeset 25070.
> When I try to start Linux paravirtualized guests in Xen 4.2-unstable, 
> they CANNOT start at all and exit IMMEDIATELY.

I have looked at your original mails and there are many different
configuration snippets and so it is not 100% clear to me what you are
actually running to provoke this error. Also you provided all of the
logs from under /var/log/xen but it is not clear which ones correspond
to the occasion when you saw the failure (many of those logs are rotated
logs from previous xl invocations).

Please can you provide a single guest configuration file which
demonstrates the issue which you are seeing and the output of running
"xl -vvv create -c <cfg>" for that precisely that <cfg> file. Please
also attach exactly the /var/log/xen/qemu-dm-<name>.log
and /var/log/xen/xl-<name>.log produced by exactly that invocation of

> When I switched to Xen 4.1.3-rc1-pre, Linux PV guests start 
> successfully, albeit with a change to the disk parameter in the xl 
> configuration file.

What change did you have to make?


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