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Re: [Xen-users] Regarding xenstat [test.c:3:24: fatal error: xenstat.h: No such file or directory]

On Thu, 2012-03-22 at 09:17 +0000, Coding Geek wrote:
> Hi
> I am using xen4.0.3 in Opensuse11.4. I need to do the monitoring of
> VM's and on that basis take the migration decision so I am trying to
> write my own xentop like program. But I am facing trouble while using
> xenstat.h in my C program. 
> test.c:3:24: fatal error: xenstat.h: No such file or directory

So, this seems like a pretty clear error message. Is this header present
on your system? You might need to install a development RPM?


> But my xentop is working fine. What to do in this case. How to use
> libxenstat library in my C program.
> Or if you have any other idea regarding Monitoring and migration.
> Please share. 
> Thank you
> -- 
> Tasvinder Singh

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