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[Xen-users] time chnaging in vm guests

dear all,

I have implemented xen and right now have 2 full virtualized linux guests but I have seen the time drifts and after 1 day or so it rolls to 3 hrs back.
my time zone is +3 GMT.
It happens on both guests but on the xen dom 0 its perfect

I have set on dom 0 the independent clock to 1
and also tried setting up ntp on the guest machine

when i run ntpdate -p server ip i see the following i have a ntp server running

server xx.xx.xx.xx, stratum 2, offset 10592.076756, delay 0.03806
24 Mar 07:43:16 ntpdate[11261]: step time server xx.xx.xx.xx offset 10592.076756
i even tried syncing with external public sources but the same

also starting the service and running ntpq -p shows

     remote           refid      st t when poll reach   delay   offset  jitter
 server name     2 u    9   64   17   12.476  1058882 2108.18

the server before server name never appears

I would really appreciate your help and advice



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