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Re: [Xen-users] openvswitch

> On Wed, 2012-03-28 at 23:47 +0100, James Harper wrote:
> > I'm testing openvswitch, and am having some problems. I have set up
> > the switch, and created a port called vif-james, and then in my domu
> > config I set vifname=vif-james, but when the interface gets created it
> > doesn't get 'plugged in' to the switch. Is it supposed to work that
> > way?
> >
> > ovs-dpctl doesn't list the port as having a datapath. If I remove the
> > port and re-create it it works fine.
> Perhaps you need a "vif-openvswitch" (similar to "vif-bridge") to configure
> the port at create time?

Actually it will still work with vif-bridge with the vswitch brctl 
compatibility layer, but pre-creating the ports and doing it that way is a bit 
neater. I still created a vif-dummy script as it doesn't like having no script.

> I'm not sure if "pre-creating" the port as you seem to have done would be
> expected to work but that'd be one for vswitch list I think.

It does work for all the other ports (br-lan, br-wan, etc). Maybe I need an 
extra udev rule or something for the vif interfaces.

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