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Re: [Xen-users] diff between XP on iron and a fully virt-XP

> Anybody around who can tell me if there is a difference between XP on iron
> and a virtualized XP?
> Point is that I installed XP, applied the service packs, and tried to install
> Silverlight.
> On the iron machine no problem, on the virtualized, I got a complaint that the
> platform wasn't suitable.
> How can they tell the difference? Thought that it was invisible!

Silverlight requires some form of MMX instructions present in the cpu. Have you 
modified any cpuid= to report a processor that is too old?

I encountered this when testing migration between an AMD and an Intel 
processor... the "lowest common featureset" between the two processors is too 
low to support the required MMX instructions for silverlight.


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