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[Xen-users] What is the purpose of the xend process in 4.1.2?


It seems that traditionally, xend would do a lot of stuff.
However, (correct me if I'm wrong) in xen 4.1.2 it would seem libxl is the replacement and doing most of what
xend had done before.  Even in the upcoming 4.2 release notes it states that xend is deprecated.

That being said, if you don't start xend in 4.1.2 you do get a few errors when launching domains.  The domains still
launch though.  I had a brief look inside the xend code and although I'm no python programmer i would say it appears
to do very little more than start blktapctrl.  Maybe it does a little more than that, I'm not really sure.

In any case, seeing as I'm now going to netboot xen I'd rather ditch xend if possible as it would allow me
to ditch python which is substantially bigger than than some netboot images and bigger than xen as a whole.
Can I just kick off blktapctrl then and forget about xend & python?

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