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[Xen-users] converting from VirtualBox to Xen

Hey folks,

Now that I have my basic Ubuntu / Xen problem solved, I will need to
move my VM from Virtualbox to Xen (once Ubuntu 12.04 is released in a
few weeks)

The disk for this is sitting on an iSCSI server, so here is what I'm
thinking - let me know what you think.

Simple configure a similar Xen VM (virt-manager) with a different
iSCSI disk.   Do a similar fresh install of Ubuntu to make sure it all

When I'm ready to make the switch, simply shut down the Virtualbox VM,
shutdown the new Xen VM, then reconfigure the Xen VM to point at the
other iSCSI disk.

Now just bring up the Xen VM and it should be the server I want.

Do you think that will work?  Or is there some actually conversion
I'll have to do?


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