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[Xen-users] Xen 3.1.2 source code

Dear Xen users,

I have been using Xen for a couple of months, and have decided to look at the source code to play around with it. The Xen version I have been using comes out of the box with Centos 5.5, (Xen 3.1.2). I use this because I have had too many problems with Xen on other platforms and it works without any problems. I have been looking for the source code for this version so that I can make any changes to it before recompiling, but it is not available online for some reason. I tried to install the 3.1.3, but it required dependencies which I was unable to install because there is a problem with the internet connection on our Centos which we have been unable to solve. I was wondering if anybody might know why the source code for version 3.1.2 isn't available or if there is somewhere I can find it.

Alternatively, if anybody could recommend the easiest way to look at the source code (eg Centos 5 with Xen installed very easily, with no problems at all), and the best way to setup the environment to make changes to the source code, then I would be really grateful. I have been looking for any such howtos or guides but have been unable to find anything.

All the best,

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