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[Xen-users] pygrub questions from domU viewpoint

I have a virtual server Xen domU rented and want to be able to
change kernels.  The provider, thrustvps.com offers so little support, it is 
to make any progress, so I am wondering what you can find out from the domU 
about booting?

So far, any change to kernels in /boot/grub/menu.lst won't boot.  That's a big 
because once it won't boot, they provide no way to restore from my backup, at 
least, not
with a generic account.  They have stopped offering Xen PV and offer Xen HVM 
instead now.

What's a good Xen pv provider for low traffic, similar terms as thrustvps:
512MB RAM, 1GB Burst 1TB Transfer 1 IP located in Dallas  per month $8.

Is amerinoc.com good?  Should I start out with HVM since PV seems more tricky
to get an upgrade to the kernel to work?


John Griessen

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