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Re: [Xen-users] Firewall in domU, networking in XEN

The concept is to buy one powerful dedicated machine and virtualize all the 
@Walter can you clarify what's messy about this design ?

@Simon, thanks for advises
The reason why I have only one physical NIC is that, the server will be a 
dedicated server collocated in the datacenter. Therefore, I don't see any need 
to have additional NICs. 

Question regarding the LVM.
I will dispose hardware RAID 1. I will create a volume group on the whole disk. 
Then I will make 2 logical volumes, one for dom0 root and one for dom0 swap. I 
don't see any clear advantage of making more LVs with separate mounting points 
unless I have big and bulky files to archive by making snapshots. Simply by 
having only 2 LVs I decrease granularity, but facilitate management. At the 
limit I can add new LVs and mount them to specific locations (e.g. /usr or 
/var) copying the files from root 

I plan to make new domU on additional LV in the same VG as dom0. Does it make 
sense ?

Thanks !
Slawek Kosowski

Dnia 30-04-2012 o godz. 11:28 Walter Robert Ditzler napisał(a):
> hi slawek,
> 1 comment only so far, until u begin u should know what u want. all 
> wished features can be set up by xen, no prpos but dhcp firewall ... 
> with 1 nic ...
> that sound really mess'y
> not xen is here the nut, the overal concept!
> u want all services and all security with minimal hardware (nic).
> in switzland we say: u can have the bread and the 5p at the same time :)
> thanks walter

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