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[Xen-users] Xen on a laptop

I am looking to purchase a new laptop quite soon, and intend to run a number of virtual machines.

Since I am currently running Xen as my choice of virtualization on other machines, I would like to run Xen on the laptop.
Most of the DomU instances on the machine will be purely console, and pretty straightforward in Xen to setup(DB / Web / etc) servers, however I would also like to have Windows ready to use.

Here are some of the issues I can see with this sort of setup:

1) Suspend to disk/ram not working -- I figure I would at least need to hook up my main DomU to handle ACPI events (can I pass through these?) to tell the Dom0 what to do.

2) Optimus and VGA passthrough (not sure how this would work).

3) Wireless and networking -- I figure I would probably have a single DomU to handle networking, and passthrough my network cards to this machine - the guests would then access the network through the DomU.

4) Disk IO issues -- I will probably be getting a SSD to boot from (mSATA), and then an Intel 520 SSD to run all my machines off of. Data would be stored on a 500GB HDD in place of the optical drive.

5) Power management -- I would probably automate suspending of DomU instances when the laptop is running on battery power, though this is not a huge concern.

6) Windows DomU: I would like to run Windows in addition to Linux, at the same time - and basically be able to switch between the instances. I assume I would need to switch the active VGA passthrough somehow (or secondary virtualization: VMWare Workstation?)

7) USB3 passthrough (I heard this not possible?) - I think I might be able to use "usbnet" to solve this issue.

Has anyone successfully installed and operated Xen on a laptop, or have suggestions/answers to the above?

The laptop I am considering is http://web.eurocom.com/EC/ec_model_config1(1,225,0) if it matters in any way.

Andrew Sorensen
Twitter: http://twitter.com/AndrewX192
Google+: https://plus.google.com/u/0/115244690052850979822/

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