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[Xen-users] Problem with network in DomU with SLES 11 SP2

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  • Date: Thu, 14 Jun 2012 02:57:15 +0000
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  • Thread-topic: Problem with network in DomU with SLES 11 SP2

I have been working on getting networking setup with Xen on SLES 11 sp2 for over a week now and I am at a loss as to how to proceed.  I have read every bit of documentation I could find (most of which is incorrect in one or more ways), have googled and read everything I could find about the subject, and nothing works.  I'm sure I must be missing something stupid, but for the life of me, I can't see what it is.  So I am hoping that if I explain what I'm trying to do here, someone will hit me upside the head with a clue by four and I can finally put this problem to bed.

Here is the situation:

All Dom0 hosts are in one subnet and are connected to a switch with ports configured for trunking.  (I will use in the following examples.)

The DomU hosts that will be built on these Dom0 servers will be in one of three different networks (depending on their purpose).  My examples will use the following networks:

Dev:    VLAN: 1
Prod:   VLAN: 217
Train:  VLAN: 219
Admin:  VLAN: 211

So here is what we would like to have:

On the Dom0, we assign an IP address in the Dom0 network, ie. and the default gateway for the system is
We use vlan tagging to segregate traffic for the Dev, Prod, Admin and Train networks.
There are bridge devices created for each VLAN that get exported to the DomU's.

So for example:


Physical device:  em1 is assigned IP address

There are VLANs created using vconfig as follows:  vconfig add em1 213 (and so on for all 5 vlans)

There are bridge devices associated with each VLAN such that the brctl show command output looks like this:

# brctl show
bridge name    bridge id        STP enabled    interfaces
br211        8000.047d7b16089b    yes        vlan211
br213        8000.047d7b16089b    yes        vlan1
br217        8000.047d7b16089b    yes        vif6.0
br219        8000.047d7b16089c    yes        vif6.1

and at the DomU level, vif6.0 shows as eth0 and vif6.1 shows as eth1.

In this case, the DomU has an ip address of assigned to eth0.

My problem is this:

>From Dom0, I can ping my gateway and since the switch knows about all of the VLANS, I can also ping,, etc.  so basically, I can see the world, however, if I do an arping -I em1 to any of the network gateways except for my default gateway, I get no response.

>From DomU, I can ping nothing.  Not the gateway of or anything else.

If from Dom0, I run a tcpdump -i br217, and from DomU, starting trying to ping my gateway, I see the following:

15:41:35.453693 arp who-has tell
15:41:36.469757 arp who-has tell
15:41:37.469629 arp who-has tell
15:41:38.469678 arp who-has tell
15:41:39.485728 arp who-has tell
15:41:40.485439 arp who-has tell

If there is any more information I can provide that will help someone help me, just ask. 

Tom S.
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