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[Xen-users] netback (Network backend) in domU


I am trying to setup a domU as a network backend for some other domUs.
I configured bridge in netback-domU using network-bridge script (not a
driver domain). I am assigning static ip addresses to all domUs.
Something like  dom0 <-> netback-domU <-> other-domU.

In the setup, netback-domU and other-domU are able to ping each other
but whenever I tried to ping dom0 from other-domU, I get a XEN error
message "grant_table.c:387:d0 Could not pin grant frame 9d44e" and in
dom0 kernel "#### netback grant fails".

I didn't check if dom0 is trying to pin grant frame of other-domU but
why dom0 would do it. Please any help will be appreciated.

BTW does the bridge in dom0 needs to know that one of its interface is
connected to another bridge in netback-domU? (don't know how or why)


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