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[Xen-users] windows server networking with network-route(XEN HVM)


We had a network-route setup, in which all the XEN PV with linux
distribution works fine with network.

And we trying to setup windows for it, however, we see a very strange results.

We have installed windows 2003, and the vm detected the nic card and
successfully installed it, however there is no network in the windows.

We tried to ping host server from the VM, and it is not working.

We tried to configure the gateway IP into the host server(the server
is on, while another dedicated range of is routed
to, so we tried to configure into the server and
success), the vm is not even able to ping the gateway.

So it just looks like the VM has no network whatsoever, we have tried
every netwrok card in the list(intel e1000 realtek etc), it is not

We tried to switch the nic type from ioemu to netfont, then the
network card dispeared.

Have anybody has experiences regarding the network-route and how to
set it up with windows 2003 in xen HVM?

Kind regards.

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