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Re: [Xen-users] GPLPV xennet bsod when vcpu>15

> >
> > Is this a known problem?
> >
> Not until you just mentioned it. I've never tried it, but looking at the code 
> I'd
> expect that the limit would have been 32 or 64, not 16. I can't think why
> xennet would be caring about the number of processors either, although
> that could just be a symptom of a problem in xenpci.
> I'll try and find some time to test it myself.

I think I can see the problem... I'm making the assumption that the processor 
numbering is linear such that in a system with NdisSystemProcessorCount() 
CPU's, they are numbered from 0 to NdisSystemProcessorCount()-1, but I bet that 
with >16 processors they aren't numbered linearly (eg 0-15 + 32-47 or 

How quickly do you need a fix?


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