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Re: [Xen-users] VGA passthrough


sure I can give you some info, but unfortunately as explained here
dual vga is broken for me currently, too. But i guess this is only a
matter of finding the currupted changeset.

In general, I was never aware that this is even a problem. I used to
simply hide both graphic cards from the dom0 at boot time via the
pciback.hide and than assigned them as secondary (= without
gfx_passthrough=1) to differnet domUs, one to a Windows 7 for Work /
Gaming and one to a Linux as Mediacenter. The dom0 boots just fine
without graphic cards and the management (starting xen / starting
domUs etc.) is done via SSH from either a Smartphone or a laptop.

My dom0 is a Debian Wheezy, but with an open Suse Kernel and their
patches, which help a lot, and my xen is a testing from their git
repository. I'm not compiling any vga bios into kernel or doing some
other patching to xen (like the adress calculation) to get it work.

I think the main difference to most other is that I am still using xm
over xl because it seems much more stable to me and vga passthrough
works like a charm.

I'm Using an AMD Phenom 2 X1090T on a Asus Crosshair IV, 16GB
DDR3-1600 RAM, an AMD HD5700 and an AMD HD5450 (passive cooling) card.

Oh, and a an advice: If you want to seperate domUs with VGA you should
keep in mind that you have to think of somethink concerning your sound
because the emulated sound kind of sucks. I solved this for me with
passing my onboard sound to the windows VM and using the AudiOverHDMI
with my mediacenter because it is connected to my TV. If you want to
connect both domUs to Monitors you might run into problems here.. In
general it might be possible to just pass a dedicated audio card to
the other domU, but at least for my, my PCI slots are full with
graphic cards and their coolers ;) . Same issue with sound goes with
input devices. Either user two seperated keyboard / mouse setups, or
you can use xen's vnc server. With the usb=tablet input option, this
is pretty decent.

Well, I hope i could give you some pointers. These were the genereal
information i could think of. If you want / need some more detailed
information on a topic, just ask.

2012/6/26 joe harper <jharper.research@xxxxxxxxx>:
> Hello Matthias,
> I came across a recent post of yours that mentioned success with Dual VGA
> passthrough in Xen. I am trying to do something similiar. Would you please
> inform me of your set up? Which video cards are you using and are you using
> primary or secondary passthrough?
> Thank you
> Joe.

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