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[Xen-users] VGA passthru troubleshooting

I'm trying to pass an ATI Radeon HD 6770 to either a Fedora 16 or Win7
domU, but I'm having no luck and I'm hoping someone can help.

My setup:
- CPU: i7-2600
- VT-d enabled in BIOS
- xen-4.1.2
- dom0 kernel 3.4.3
- 'iommu=force' and xm dmesg showing I/O virtualization working
- pciback built as module
- regular PCI passthru (of an audio device) to domU working
- unbind radeon driver, assign and bind to pciback (in dom0)

I've tried assigning gfx_passthru to either 0 or 1. In both cases, the
domU appears to start without error. However, using "1" xm reports the
domain is running, but consuming all CPU resources and it seems to hang.

With "0" on a Fedora VM I can use VNC to see lspci output, which shows
the device is visible. However, dmesg shows the radeon driver failing to

radeon 0000:00:05.0: Expecting atombios for evergreen GPU
radeon 0000:00:05.0: Fatal error during GPU init
[drm] radeon: finishing device
[TTM] Memory type 2 has not been initialized
radeon 0000:00:05.0: no bo for sa manager
vga_switcheroo: disabled
radeon: probe of 0000:00:05.0 failed with error -22

With "gfx_passthru=0" on a Win7 VM the emulated graphics shows the
swirling logo for a while, then a blue screen as the catalyst driver
tires to load before boot completes.

>From reading list archives this sounds not unlike errors others have
encountered, but I never saw a solution. Any help or pointers for where
I can look for troubleshooting info would be greatly appreciated.


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