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Re: [Xen-users] Error: Boot loader didn't return any data [pygrub boot debian wheezy alpha1 netinst ISO]

On 6/28/2012 4:11 PM, Alexandre Kouznetsov wrote:

El 28/06/12 14:50, Richie escribió:
Note: I could simply direct boot the appropriate kernel/initrd to get
the alpha1 installation going as always done in the past, but I think
this should work.  The Debian alpha 1 installer page says it should.

domU config file:

name = "wheezytest"
memory = 256

disk = [

         , 'phy:/dev/mainvg/wheezytest-root,xvda,w'
         , 'phy:/dev/mainvg/wheezytest-swap,xvdb,w'

vif = [' ']

bootloader = "pygrub"
bootloader_args = "--kernel=/install.amd/vmlinuz
extra = "debian-installer/exit/always_halt=true -- console=hvc0"

There is a funny issue with pygrub.
It looks for the first element of "disk =" array form the config file, and tries to get boot images from there. In you case, it's CDROM.

Re-order the mention of block device, make /dev/mainvg/wheezytest-root to appear first.

Hi thanks for the response. You have misunderstood me so let me clarify. Here in this case the volume wheezytest-root does not have any data yet and this is why I am trying to pygrub boot the installation ISO so I can then perform the installation. So I would want the ISO first in this case.

There is claim that this can be done this way (instead of direct booting a copy of the kernel and initrd) but my guess is that either my pygrub is too old or maybe the wheezy Alpha1 installer is missing some important bits? I can't be sure because that Error is cryptic and based on my searches can happen for different reasons. What really has me miffed though is that my manual pygrub test output looks like it did find and extract the kernel and initrd.

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