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[Xen-users] XEN PV Linux performance

I found that xen PV linux performance is very poor comparing with native linux or HVMPV linux in some case such as system call (which will cause context switch).
Here is a very simple sample:

double geTime() {
        struct timeval t;
        gettimeofday(&t, 0);
        return (double) t.tv_sec + (double) t.tv_usec / 1000000.0;

int geInc(int sum) {
       return sum+1;

int main() {
       for (i=0; i<; i++) {

In PV linux guest, It will be 10 times slower than PVHVM linux guest.  While call getInc()  10000000 times, PV guest is a little faster then HVMPV.
So it seems that PV linux guest has poor performance in context switch case.
How can I tune this or what's the plan fixing this issue? 
I'm looking forward to get your feedback. Thank you.

XEN 4.1.2 + Dom 0 kernel 3.2 + Ubuntu 12.04 guest,  Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5620


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