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Re: [Xen-users] settinjg dom0 memory, where did I go wrong?

Le 03/08/2012 06:48, Michael Egglestone a écrit :
I'm trying to set dom0 to 4G of memory.
(Let me quickly say I don't know if 4G of RAM for dom0 is good idea, but I thought I would try it, please advise otherwise)  :)
My system has 32Gig of memory. (Xeon's with Debian 6.0.5)


I think you're running Debian ? Which version ?

We installed recently a server with 256Gb memory, Debian testing/xen 4.1/kernel 3.3.4 (downloaded from kernel.org) to be able to get a guest with as more as 200Gb memory, and all this stuff works with as low as 512Mb for dom0 !

However, top shows KiB Mem:    354520, free shows 354520 also,


xm top shows 523912K

As far as I understand, xm top (or the equivalent if you'r using the xl stack) is a better tool than top and others for monitoring dom0.

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