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[Xen-users] pci passthrough with multiple devices


I'm trying to pass through 3 NICs to a domU, and i have some problems with it I have hid the devices from the dom0 with the following kernel parameter: xen-pciback.hide=(03:01.0)(06:01.0)(06:02.0)(06:1e.0) This does hide the devices from the dom0, and they show up as assignable devices
# xl pci-list-assignable-devices

If at this moment i have a guest up and running, i can use the xl pci-attach command to add the devices to the guest, and that way everything works fine, lspci lists the network cards, and i can use them - they work as they supposed to. However, when i try to add the devices via the domU config file (pci = [ '03:01.0', '06:01.0', '06:02.0' ]), only the first device show up in the guest (the order here doesn't matter, always the first device shows up). Reviewing the guest's dmesg, i can't see anything about the other devices, they don't show up in lspci, but they are no longer assignable according to the dom0. I have to detach and reattach them with xl to be able to use them in the guest.

What am i doing wrong?

Gabor Gudiczius

p.s.: i'm using gentoo with gentoo-sources 3.3.8 for both the dom0 and the domU, pci backend and frontend drivers are compiled into the kernel

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