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[Xen-users] Xen Test Day - Thank You!


I wanted to thank everybody who joined yesterday's test day for contributing. At the peak we had about 30 people on the #xentest channel, and a number of bugs were raised as well as items were added to the Xen 4.2 TODO list / Release Plan. There has also been quite a bit of discussion on the channel.

It appears that measuring the success of the test day is a little harder than that of docs days. For example, I don't quite know how many tests were successful as nobody posted success reports to the mailing list. This makes me think that maybe this is the wrong approach and that we need to put more prep work into preparing test days.

Here are a number of ideas:
1) Fedora Test Days are much more prescriptive (i.e. test cases are pre-defined and results are recorded in a big spreadsheet)
2) Maybe we should guide testing a bit more than we have
3) Maybe reporting results should be easier (e.g. a simple web form or a google docs spreadsheet)

Anyway, suggestions and feedback is very welcome!

Best Regards

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