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Re: [Xen-users] Clock problems on Squeeze/Xen4 (clock jumps 50 minutes ahead)

Are you running 32-bit domU's or 64-bit? I have seen the problem many times under xen 3.1.2 but only with 32-bit guests on 64-bit hosts.

Steve timm

On Mon, 27 Aug 2012, Aleix Dorca Josa wrote:

Hi all,

My xen farm is plagued with this 'Jump 50 minutes ahead' problem. All my 
machines run Debian Squeeze and Xen 4 in Dom0. DomU's are Squeeze too. I 
thought this was a hardware problem but then I saw this (kind of old) messages:


After reading all available info I still don't know if the bug has been 
resolved in later builds of either the kernel or xen on Squeeze. Has anyone got 
new information on this?

I see that the clocksource=pit on the grub command line does not seem to fix 
the problem. Any other hints? Change to Ubuntu server? Build my own xen binary? 
Use Debian's backports to change the kernel version?

This is kind of a big problem for me since the error kills ntpd on DomU's and 
then Dovecot's processes stop themselves when time is corrected. Scripts to 
workaround this are fine but I would rather much prefer for the clock not to 
jump ahead.

Thanks a lot,

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