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Re: [Xen-users] Xen summit Videos

Quoting Raj Mathur (ààà ààààà)'s message from 04 sep 2012:
>On Tuesday 04 Sep 2012, maheen butt wrote:
>> can't understand Please use English 
>Looks like an automated Out-of-Office message in French.  I also got
>one of these.
>Do these need to be reported to the list admin?

I think that won't help much because those 'vacation' messages will
still be sent to individuals addresses (same as when you hit "reply
all"). Usually people are told, off list, to disable that asap and most
people do that anyway once they get back. But each year, especially
around July/August, new subscribers make the same mistake as their

Ah well. Since they just informed the whole world, via public lists,
about their vacation it will make *some* people happy. Like marketeers,
advertisers and even burglars I wager. >:)

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