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Re: [Xen-users] new pv stuck in pause

Much thanks, Fajar!  Your suggestion for the "manual" launch helped me
solve this.
After attempting that launch I got python related errors.

Before doing the "make world" I'd installed python from source - with
limited success.
But that was a mistake for it mucked up the Xen setup.
I had Python in /usr/lib AND in /usr/local/lib.  Same version of Python (2.7.3).

The xen scripts were located in directories based off the /usr/lib
python install.
So I had previously done some tweaking to get xen to use THAT python.
Obviously I hadn't done enough.

So long story short - I changed/created sym links from the /usr/local
python install
to the other. Forcing everything to use the right one.

For others that may have run into this - previously I noticed that
(where the xen scripts were installed) was not included in the sys.path.
Only 'dist-packages'. (Which I believe was based on some new Ubuntu model).
But since that is where the xen stuff was put - I used
'sitecustomize.py' to append
the 'site-packages' dir to Python's sys.path.

The VM is now running and accessible.  Thanks again, Fajar!

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