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Re: [Xen-users] Performance of PVM and HVM

>How do you test native?

>For "fair" comparison, you need to make sure that native has the same
>cpu and memory as dom0/domU tested. For cpu, you can disable some of
>them using /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu1/online, and for memory you
>might need to use "mem=2G" kernel boot parameter.

>Thanks for Fajar's reply.

Yes, All native,pvm and hvm have the same configurations.

>Do you file:/ ? If yes, that would be the effect of dom0 cache. Try
>using block devices with phy:/

>Others might comment more about this.

I didn't use phy:/ for hvm, but I used file:/ for pvm, and the results were
not different.
For more testing, I used dd (bs=1024M count=8)to test writing speed for
native, pvm and hvm. Following is the results:
(2G RAM, 4cpu 3.1G)
Native          159MB/s
Dom0           137MB/s
pvm(Phy:/)    52MB/s
pvm(file:/)      684MB/s (As you said, I guess that's because of the effect
of dom0 cache)
hvm(file:/)      840MB/s

What wired me is that most docs about xen told me pvm's performance is
better, but the results of my testing told difference.

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