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[Xen-users] Testing High-Frequency Virtual Server Monitoring

Hi xen-users.

I've developed "collectdViewer", a system for high-frequency (2x per second), browser-based server monitoring that uses collectd for statistics collection: http://collectdviewer.com.

It turns out that there's a "libvirt" plugin for collectd which should, in theory, enable collectdViewer to monitor the performance of servers virtualized by Xen, without the need to install a daemon in the virtual server itself (http://collectd.org/wiki/index.php/Plugin:libvirt)

Since I'm not familiar with Xen, I'm wondering if anyone on this list would be interested in working with me to demonstrate this capability.  Here's a schematic of what how I think the demo system would be put together: http://collectdviewer.com/applications.html#high_frequency_monitoring_for_virtual_servers

Please contact me if you'd like to collaborate or have any questions.


John Bergmans
Principal Engineer / Owner
Bergmans Mechatronics LLC
skype: johnbergmans

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