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[Xen-users] Creating guest in command mode failing when used in para mode

Hi all,
         I am new to running xen in command mode.I have tried creating xen using virt-manager and its working ok.But i can not make it work using command line.For that i installed virt-install 
and run this command (trying to install ubuntu 12.04 64 bit)

virt-install --name vm1 --ram 512 --vcpus=1 -p --description=vm --location=/var/lib/libvirt/images/12.04.iso(64 bit ubuntu) --disk path=/VM/secondvm,size=1 

but its returning 

Starting install...
Retrieving file version.info...                                                                                                                  |  116 B     00:00 ...
ERROR    Couldn't find xen kernel for Ubuntu tree.

but in  v mode i am able to create vm.


virt-install --name secondvm --ram 512 --vcpus=1 -v --description=second-vm --location=/var/lib/libvirt/images/12.04.iso --disk path=/VM/secondvm,size=1  

Starting install...
Retrieving file version.info...                                                                                                                  |  116 B     00:00 ...
Retrieving file linux...                                                                                                                         | 9.5 MB     00:00 ...
Retrieving file initrd.gz...                                                                                                                     |  33 MB     00:00 ...
Creating storage file secondvm                                                                                                                   | 1.0 GB     00:00
Creating domain...                                                                                                                               |    0 B     00:00
2012-09-24 22:01:27.810+0000: 5067: info : libvirt version: 0.9.8
2012-09-24 22:01:27.810+0000: 5067: warning : xenHypervisorMakeCapabilities:2751 : Failed to get host power management capabilities
Connected to domain secondvm
Escape character is ^]

dom0:ubuntu 12.04 64 bit
xen version: 4.1.2
Can any one tell me how to solve this also how can i get a graphical console for installing guest vm,like choosing partition type and swap.

Expecting a reply,

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