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Re: [Xen-users] Creating vms with 3 partitions

I typically accomplish the same by using a manual method.  I use xentools to create my normal partitions, typically the root partition and a swap partition.  I then create a new logical volume to be used as the additional partition.  Then simply add the new logical volume in the DomU configuration file.  Boot the DomU and configure the machine to use the new disk with fstab just as you would with a normal machine.

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From: "Alexandre Kouznetsov" <alk@xxxxxxxxxx>
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Subject: [Xen-users] Creating vms with 3 partitions
Date: Wed, Oct 10, 2012 4:10 pm

El 10/10/12 15:58, Thiago Parolin escribiÃ:
> I need to create one vm for web/apache with 3 partitions: /, swap and /var.
> Using the --lvm=vg0 option and --size=10G and --swap=1024M, i can create
> normally, but what the option in the command xen-create-image that i
> would use to do the same, but with one more partition, /var in my case.

If xen-tools if what you are using to create your PV images, you can use
"partitions = " directive in your xen-tools.conf. It shall point to a
file in /etc/xen-tools/partitions.d . Check the existing examples for

Config file is my preferred way to refine options for my new images,
even if i use that options only once (i comment them out after). the
same option may be used on command line.

Alexandre Kouznetsov

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