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Re: [Xen-users] problem with start vm

Why did you cc xen-users-owner@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
andxen-users-request@xxxxxxxxxxxxx? Those are maintenance lists not
things people should be posting to in normal use.

On Mon, 2012-10-15 at 09:19 +0100, Salvatore Maltese wrote:
> [    3.379636] blkfront: xvda2: flush diskcache: enabled
> [   27.394330] dracut Warning: Unable to process initqueue
> [   27.407451] dracut Warning: /dev/sda2 does not exist

Note the use of sda2 here but xvda2 a couple of lines before.

You should use the xvda name in your guest configuration, pvops kernels
don't support the sd* aliasing.


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