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[Xen-users] VGA passtrough success report, GPLPV driver question


I successfully passed my VGA to my domU.

mobo: GA-990FXA-UD5
vga: Gigabyte HD 6850
dom0: Debian testing
kernel: 3.4.12
xen: 4.2 release
domU: fully patched Windows 7

I didn't need to tweak anything, "it just werks" out of the box. I
followed this guide:
The tutorial is simply awesome, well written and understandable.

However, I can't get some of the GPLPV drivers working really well.
What I can't get to work
is the net and the vbd driver.

Windows sees the net driver as OK, but accessing webpages is
impossible. If you know
the exact address to a .exe file or something and you copy the link
into the address bar
it downloads it as anybody expect it to do, but if I click on the
"customize Firefox" link, it
hangs at the "connecting to mozilla.org" message.

The vbd driver is working fine, my experience index went up 1,2 points
after install, but one
of the three "xen block device" or something like that in device
manager has a yellow
exclamation mark next to it, which bothers me. Is it normal?

Can somebody give me any tips what to do? I've tried the
and the
versions, I've added "type=vif" to my config file. I used the "full
install" option.


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