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Re: [Xen-users] Emulex OneConnect Virtualization

Well, I've never touched IBM Blade System (we use Supermicro and HP), but it 
seems that the vNIC concept is only for "virtualization" of the resources 
provided by the Emulex physical NICs - so you can dedicate parts of the 
bandwidth of the physical NIC to more vNICs, which I guess will appear as 
normal NICs to the base operating system (in our case Dom0).  So from Xen 
perspective and DomU perspective, this is irrelevant stuff as long as the 
NICs/vNICs/whatever work in the Dom0 as normal NIC and then you use standard 
linux bridges to connect VMs with these NICs.  Another use case might be with 
SR-IOV virtualization, which these NICs should support, in that case you 
dedicate virtual function of the NIC to particulat VM, but you will lose 
ability to live migrate it to another host.  But at this point  it's not clear 
to me which one of these scenarios is your case. :)


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I have installed xen-kernel. Am using RHEL 5.8 64-bit. I have created the 
guests [RHEL 5.8 too] on the host RHEL 5.8. But the guests don't seem to be 
getting on to the network. I am unable to ping even the host or the gateway. 
When I checked, I read that the network cards Emulex OneConnect 1G do not 
support vNIC. Hence, does anyone else have any more info on how can I get this 

Kernel Installed: 2.6.18-308.el5xen #1 SMP


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>Subject: [Xen-users] Emulex OneConnect Virtualization
>I am trying to get Xen Dom0 up & running on the Emulex OneConnect NIC, but it 
>seems impossible as the NIC drivers don't seem to support virtualization 
>currently. Did anyone try & port any other drivers to get the >server up?
>Server: IBM HS23
>NIC: Emulex OneConnect 10GB Ethernet [LAN on Motherboard]
>Thanks in advance

Hello there, there's too little info in your question. What kind of Linux you 
run? Which kernel? What does mean "it seems impossible as the NIC drivers don't 
seem to support virtualization currently" - the NIC doesn't work with your 
current Dom0 kernel?



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