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[Xen-users] CPU Pinning and credit scheduler

Hi All,
         This is confusing me for a while:

I am having Intel E5620 which is having 4 cores and 8 threads.

I am running 3 VMs lets say vmA vmB vmC on it using xen 4.1.2 on ubuntu 12.04 dom0.
As from the best practices i decided to assign each vm's cpu to physical core and also to give vmB higher Weight in Credit-scheduler since its running Mysql server(I/O intensive).
from cat /proc/cpuinfo its showing 8 CPU. Does that mean that i can assign each vm 2 cpu each(2*3=6) and assign two cpu to Dom0(2*1=2) and thus utilizing 8cpus(6+2).
like this:
xm vcpu-pin vmA 0 0
xm vcpu-pin vmA 1 1
xm vcpu-pin vmB 0 2
xm vcpu-pin vmB 1 3
xm vcpu-pin vmC 0 4
xm vcpu-pin vmC 1 5

xm vcpu-pin Domain-0 0 6
xm vcpu-pin Domain-0 1 7

After setting this do we still need to Increase Weight for vmB after assigning dedicated CPU.


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