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[Xen-users] [XCP 1.6] multihomelist ignored when configuring iSCSI SR in favor of all target portals

Hi there. In using 1.6 beta..`cat /etc/redhat-release` = 1.6.07-61365c.
I'm noticing some behavior that is different than previous releases with 
regards to configuring iSCSI multipathing. Without being to long winding 
(unless asked for more details of course), it seems  XCP attempts to log into 
all available portals for a given target vs what is specified in multihomelist.
Here is the command I used to create the SR..

xe sr-create shared=true type=lvmoiscsi name-label="iSCSI Storage 1" 

After it was created, I noticed that the pbd was unplugged and the 
device-config was different than i specified as it had  *all* the reachable 
portal addresses for the target -- including the mgmt -- which even though is 
listed in send-targets, is not 'available' do to acl configurations. 

Effectively, my portal list was being ignored. 

I was able to work around it using an iptables rule blocking outbound iSCSI to 
my mgmt subnet. 

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