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[Xen-users] Fw:"virsh list" shows nothing//Fw:xend can't start(CentOS 6.2 Final)

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From: test <www.ryanliang@xxxxxxx>
Date: 2012-11-13 14:37:51
To: xen-announce@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: "virsh list" shows nothing//Fw:xend can't start(CentOS 6.2 Final)


some info is as below:
[root@localhost ~]# cat /etc/redhat-release 
CentOS release 6.2 (Final)

After done, my xen can't start as follows: 

[root@localhost xen]# uname -r
[root@localhost network-scripts]# xend start
xc: error: Could not obtain handle on privileged command interface (2 = No such file or directory): Internal error
xend/image.py: Error connecting to hypervisor
[root@localhost network-scripts]# xm info      
Error: Unable to connect to xend: No such file or directory. Is xend running?

Best Wishes!

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