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Re: [Xen-users] Hard reset on starting HVM dom0, multiple kernels, distros, xen versions

  • To: xen-users@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • From: Alexandre Kouznetsov <alk@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 16 Nov 2012 18:57:57 -0600
  • Delivery-date: Sat, 17 Nov 2012 00:59:19 +0000
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El 16/11/12 18:34, Sam Mulvey escribió:
Memtest and cpuburn for half an hour encountered no issues. I haven't
had any problems with other hardware. Is there something else I can
look at to debug?
Not much. Analog hardware things: temperature, PSU capacity/quality, some loose connector, static electricity.

I noticed that Xen you are using is version 4.1 or grater. I use 4.0 myself, it have proven to be very stable, so a problem like one you describe immediately makes me think it's hardware issue.

I guess it's could be a good idea to make sure the problem is reproduceable with a known stable Xen hypervisor (I use Debian Squeeze's one, 4.0.1 to be precise). If so, we can isolate it to hardware failure/incompatibility, of a nature still unknown.

This list is monitored by people from Xen development team, maybe they can give a better clue. Until then, a formal bug report is the way to go, if the problem does not shows up with a known stable version.

Alexandre Kouznetsov

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