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[Xen-users] CPU load average above 2 on domU but load average 0 on dom0-XCP 1.6

Hi all,
        I am trying to understand this.I am running XCP 1.6 on a machine with 4GB and i5 processor with 3 ubuntu 12.04 64 bit domUs each with one vcpu.
On one of the domU i am having mongodb taking 100% CPU resulting in load average of 2.1, 2, 2.But still load average on dom0 is 0, 0, 0.
If the vcpu is over utilized then why there is no impact on dom0,as its load average  is showing 0.
on the xentop output i can see all other domU are idle but this showing 100% CPU usage.Can any one please explain why this is so?
If there are 4 cores on dom0 and one of the vm takes 100% CPU then doesn't load average  on dom0 should be 1.Can any one please clarify me. 

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